Ebode launches LightSpeaker combining LED light bulb and music

If the ebode LightSpeaker sounds and looks familiar, there is good reason for that. This LightSpeaker system appears to be an exact clone of the Klipsch LightSpeaker we saw back at CES. The only apparent difference is that the ebode system is offered in Europe.

In case you missed the Klipsch system back in January, the ebode LightSpeaker lets you put a speaker and a light bulb into any standard light bulb using lamp with enough room to hold the massive LightSpeaker. The LightSpeaker will fit fixtures using a standard E27 fitting.

The light is provided by an energy efficient LED bulb and the speaker is a wireless unit that picks up sound from up to two different sources like your MP3 player or radio. The light output is the same as a 65W incandescent bulb. A base station is included to send the music wirelessly to the speaker. You can add additional LightSpeakers to the wireless system as well.