eBay Quick Sale program is a fast way to sell a smartphone

EBay is a popular platform for selling smartphones, and it has seen an uptick in the number of iPhone 6 and 6s handsets being sold. To make things more convenient, the company has announced a new Quick Sale program that sidesteps the auction process by letting owners sell their devices to eBay directly. Under Quick Sale, a smartphone is sent to eBay Valet and the predetermined value for it is paid to the owner once the smartphone is received and verified.

The company's Quick Sale works by having users input their phone information into this web page; a Quick Sale value is returned and, if you agree to it, you'll be given a shipping label to print out. Ship the phone to eBay Valet using that label and they will verify that the phone is indeed what it is said to be. Once that is done, eBay issues the predetermined payment to the user.

The platform also provides things like information on how to factory reset the phone and other pre-sale necessities. A quick look at the various rates offered, though, shows this to only really be a good option for those who want to get rid of their phone as fast and easily as possible, as the offered payments are pretty low compared to what you could get by selling to another person.

When I input a used 32GB Galaxy S6 on Verizon's network in excellent condition, Quick Sale offered only $139. The platform doesn't try to hide the fact that you could get more money, though — the page also lists a guaranteed minimum sale price if you decide to sell the phone in a regular eBay auction instead.