eBay Puts the Kibosh on PS3 Auctions

In typical console pre-release fashion, those lucky enough to have obtained a PlayStation 3 preorder have decided to give others the opportunity to own the new console early...for a ridiculously marked-up price on eBay. However, in atypical fashion, eBay has begun removing such auctions almost immediately after they've been posted, requiring sellers to meet a very strict set of criteria in order to be allowed to sell their preorders on the site. To see what you have to do to be allowed to sell PS3 preorders on eBay, hit the jump!

If you want to post your PS3 preorder on eBay, you must do the following:

  • A copy of your driver's license, or other identification
  • A copy of your credit card statement with your current address
  • A copy of the invoice proving that you do, in fact, own a PS3 preorder
  • Written acknowledgment that you're complying with eBay's selling policy
  • On the upside, should you lose your mind and decide to pay out the nose for a PS3 on eBay, the ones that are on there should be legitimate sales. On the downside, you're going through a background verification similar to one at the DMV in order to sell this damn thing. What one won't do for love on money and gaming.

    [via GamePro]