eBay iOS app adds barcode scanner to simplify listing creation

Listing content on eBay is a tedious process that, at minimum, requires the user to select a bunch of items from drop-down menus. Here to simplify things is an update for the service's iOS app that adds a barcode scanner. With this feature, the user can scan the barcode on the product they want to list and the platform will take care of the rest.

Though manually entering details for a product listing isn't difficult, it can be time-consuming. The problem is amplified for users who sell many products online, resulting sometimes in hours per week simply creating new posts. A barcode scanner simplifies that by linking a product with an existing set of item info, the details of which are automatically inserted into the post.

This assumes you have the box for the product or that the product itself has a barcode sticker on it (which is relatively rare). If you're lucky and do have access to the barcode, eBay reduces the listing process from several or more to just a few taps — on mobile, at least.

In addition to the barcode scanner, the Android app was updated in recent weeks with an augmented reality feature enabling users to see which size box will fit their item. That feature is only available on certain mobile devices for users in the US, however.

Those aside, both apps have received various bug fixes.

SOURCE: Engadget