EBay bans the sale of metaphysical items

There has always been a long list of items that aren't allowed to be sold on the auction website eBay. These items span everything from hazardous materials to medical devices requiring a prescription. EBay has announced that it is adding more items to the list of products that can't be sold on the auction site. The products include anything classed as metaphysical.

Metaphysical covers many items and basically includes anything such as advice, spells, curses, magic, blessing services, healing sessions, work from home businesses, and a number of informational lists. The items will be banned starting on August 30 of this year. The ban will affect people who sell services and items that have to do with psychics such as tarot cards and other items.

Some people are unhappy about the new rules that seek to ban intangible items and items of an occult nature. Some believe that eBay is banning items based on witchcraft or pagan beliefs. These people point out that eBay is still allowing products such as rosaries, crucifixes, and religious medals to be sold along with items like crystals and magnetic therapy jewelry.

Some users who don't agree with eBay's new bans have started a petition called "Don't ban our psychics on eBay." So far, the petition has 1009 signatures and seeks to challenge eBay's perceptions of what makes an item intangible. What do you think about this ban?

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