Early Version of Google+ iOS App Released By Accident

It appears that there was a glitch in the system, a rip in the Matrix, if you will, in this morning's release of the Apple version of the Google+ app on the iTunes App Market. Google rep Punit Soni discovered this error early on in the day and announced on Google+ that the version was indeed incorrect basically immediately after the error was corrected. The problem with this situation is that because the app was so immediately massively popular, thousands of users downloaded the incorrect version by mistake. This has resulted in a slew of errors.

Punit Soni, also known as the Lead Product Manager of Google+ Mobile, lets us know that when the G+ app was launched this morning for iOS, the App Store started service a previous "test version" of the App which "didn't have the stability and fixes that the latest version had." The system appeared to have self-corrected and was serving the real deal final release a little after 1 hour and 40 minutes into the launch. The hot mess of errors that we're seeing (and are listed in short below) appear to be mainly due to this early version being out and about.

But there is a way to check and see if you've got this wrong version, a very easy way to check. All you've got to do is: Just click on the gear icon on the top left of your App's homescreen and look right above the Help button, the version number of the App should be:

If that is not the version number you see, you are to immediately uninstall the app and reinstall by clicking on the following link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/google/id447119634?ls=1&mt=8

Sound good? Now for the errors. The following is a paraphrased list of errors we've found or have been reported by those sending in tips to us since the launch – again, beware: most or all of these errors have directly to do with the fact that you've got the early version of the app that was never supposed to be released. Uninstall and reinstall the updated version asap!

Logging out randomly,

frequent freezing,

inability to download on iPad,

incompatibility with iPod Touch,

frequent crashing,

streams wont load,

streams wont update,

incompatibility with iOS 5 (to be expected since 5 is beta),

inability to re-share posts,

inability to see streams page,

uploading photos crashes app,

crashing upon photo taking,

inability to log in,

no instant upload,

app disappearing.

Good thing they didn't ACTUALLY release that version, yes?

[via Punit Soni+]