Early PC Titanfall players may get the ban hammer

Gamers never welcome rule changes, unless those rule changes are for the better. If a company says that it won't ban accounts for playing a game early and then changes its mind, gamers will get angry. That is exactly what may happen with Titanfall.

Some people that ordered Titanfall have already been able to get their hands on the game early. Titanfall developer Respawn had said that it didn't want any streaming of the game to happen before the March 11 launch date of the game, but it would not ban accounts for gamers that sign on and play early.

Playing might be allowed, but any video showing up online would likely result in a ban. Reports are now indicating that Origin might be banning early Titanfall players on PC after all. At least that may be the case for PC Titanfall players that are using some sort of work around to enable early access to the game.

The workaround for PC gamers was originally posted on Reddit and the thread has been deleted since then. The PC workaround involved using a VPN to change your IP location and the downloading of a modified .exe file for the game. Reports indicate this work around allowed the PC gamers to boot into the game, but servers to play on were hard to find according to reports. The rub here is that gamers were told they could play the game early, and then when a work around making it easy to play early surfaced the ban hammer was threatened. There is no word at this time if anyone has actually been banned for using the workaround.

SOURCE: Escapist Magazine