Eagle joins kangaroo, hawk in sky battle against drones

Most drones are equipped with cameras, and those cameras are excellent at capturing the assaults against the drone and its death spiral out of the sky. Nature itself hasn't taken kindly to drones on more than one occasion — we've seen one drone get taken down by an apparently annoyed kangaroo after a drone wouldn't stop being nosy, and we've seen a hawk swoop down and take a drone out of the sky. The latest video to surface is similar, but this time involves an eagle that decides to engage in a brief sky battle.

The video was published over the weekend by Melbourne Aerial Video, which reports that the eagle "was fine — she was massive, and used talons to 'punch' the drone out of the sky. [She] hung around overhead so I got a really good look." The drone operator said he or she was mainly concerned about the eagle's health.

Of course, if you end up flying a drone near a predator bird like this, you're likely to end up with your drone being knocked out of the sky, as they're considered a threat, or maybe a potentially delicious meal. And, of course, the bird could be injured depending on how it strikes the drone.

Animals aren't the only creatures that have taken down drones — there have been more than one instance of humans shooting down nearby drones, citing privacy concerns. These usually do not end well for the person doing the shooting.

VIA: Digg Video