EA to sell Crysis Warhead branded PCs

Can your PC run Crysis? If you keep your hardware up to date, then it's possible that you can run it fairly well at the lowest, or possibly even medium settings. However, when the game first came out, almost no one was able to even able to crank it up to High at a decent resolution. We know that Crysis Warhead is going to be a little easier on your system, but how can you make sure that your PC can handle it? Just buy a new Crysis Warhead branded PC from EA.

No, that wasn't a joke, EA is really planning to sell special branded computers for the next Crysis title. The systems will run between $600-$800, depending on how well you want the game to run. My question of course will be if I can play the game on the highest setting with that $800 PC.

I'm going to guess that many gamers are going to be wondering that exact same question. Frankly, if I were to buy a new computer that is branded especially for a new title, it damn well better be able to play it on the max settings.

[via Kotaku]