EA refuses to honor warranty in Ireland

Emily Price - Aug 15, 2008
EA refuses to honor warranty in Ireland

EA games has reportedly refused to honor a warranty request for an Irish Rock Band customer. The customer who had a faulty pedal for his drum was told that he would have to have a replacement part shipped to a US or UK address if he wanted a replacement.

The customer received a letter from EA Games that stated “Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to process warranty requests in Ireland…If you know anyone in the United states or united Kingdom that we could send a replacement pedal to for you, we can do that”

It seems awfully peculiar that EA is willing to sell the game in Ireland, but not willing to service faulty parts there. It would seem that mailing a replacement pedal to Ireland would be just as easy as shipping one to an address in the UK or US.

[via VideoGaming247]

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