EA Play integration with Xbox Game Pass for PC delayed

Earlier this year, EA Play joined Xbox Game Pass, making its debut in the console version of Microsoft's subscription service. If you own Xbox Game Pass on console (or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate), you can download many of the games that are included in EA Play as part of your subscription. While the plan was to roll out EA Play integration for the PC version of Xbox Game Pass this month, unfortunately plans have changed.

In a blog post to Xbox Wire today, Microsoft revealed that EA Play for the PC version of Game Pass – both the standalone version of Game Pass for PC and through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – has been delayed. Originally, Microsoft says, this blog post was intended to announce the launch of EA Play in the PC version of Game Pass, which tells you just how close we were to launch before the decision was made to delay it.

Why is it being delayed? At the moment, it's unclear, though the Xbox Game Pass team does suggest that the integration needed a little more time in the oven in today's blog post. "We established this partnership with Electronic Arts because they are as passionate as we are about helping people and communities discover great games, and we knew we could provide a great experience for members by working together," the team wrote. "In order to deliver on that, we need more time to provide the Xbox Game Pass experience."

As for when EA Play will join the PC version of Game Pass, we don't have a precise date just yet. The Xbox Game Pass team does say that EA Play will be launching at some point in early 2021, but beyond that, we're left waiting for more specifics.

Those specifics could be coming in just a few weeks, as the Game Pass team says it will "have more to share early next year." We'll let you know when more details are revealed, so stay tuned.