EA Originals adds three more indie games including Rocket Arena

Electronic Arts has announced new deals that will bring three new indie games to its EA Originals label that was announced in 2016. At the time, EA had said that it would work with small developers in order to help them make their games available to a larger audience. The company seeks out a few projects every year for its EA Originals, with the latest announcement revealing three new additions.

'Making games is hard,' EA said back in its announcement about the new label. 'It's a hard business.' The company said that it would support small developers and ensure they get the funding from their game to help them get an audience for their titles.

In its most recent announcement, EA said that it is bringing Rocket Arnea, It Takes Two, and Lost in Random to EA Originals. In addition, the company has formed a new partnership with Final Strike Games, an independent development studio based in Washington that builds console and PC games.

The company didn't have much to say about that, but did also reveal that EA Originals will be the banner for a future team-based action game from Velan Studios, which will build the game using its new game engine. Electronic Arts Senior Vice President of Third-Party Content and Development said:

We recognized the inspiring vision, talent and innovation coming from these independent studios and how that will become amazing game experiences for our players across the world, wherever they choose to play. The EA Originals label is all about delighting all of our players with stunning and diverse games coming from the very best and boldest independent studios across the world and supporting that talent to help realize their vision.