EA kicks off Game Time with Titanfall free for 48 hours

JC Torres - Jun 20, 2014
EA kicks off Game Time with Titanfall free for 48 hours

EA has a new program that will make PC gamers tremble in excitement. With Origin Game Time, gamers will be able to try out a complete, full, non-demo PC game for a 48 hours. And to make sure that the new program starts off with a big bang, the first game that it is making available is none other than the popular mech-bearing multiplayer first-person shooter Titanfall.

Perhaps it is to bring more interest to its titles, or perhaps it is to reinvigorate the PC gaming industry. But whatever their reasons are, gamers are sure to welcome this new move by EA that does away with limited demos and teasers and lets players enjoy the full experience of a title, no strings attached. It wouldn’t hurt, of course, if they ended up buying the game afterwards.

With Game Time, EA will be making a selection of PC games available for a taste-test. But this 48 hours isn’t your usual free weekend deal. The 48 hours only start when you start playing the game, not when you’re still downloading it and not on Saturday at the stroke of twelve. However, that timer does run in real time whether you’re playing or not, so best start it when you have a certified block of time for taking advantage of those two full days of gaming mayhem. That said, it’s still a weekend deal of sorts, with offered titles most likely available only until Sundays.

And EA really wants to make it a point to remind players that this isn’t a demo version of the game. There are no limits, no prohibited zones, no gated content. The game is as good as if you bought it in full. And speaking of buying, should you choose to buy the game after the 48 hours are over, Origin will kindly carry your saved game from the free Game Time period over to your purchased game.

And indeed what better way to start off than with Titanfall, which puts a twist on the FPS genre by not just pitting you against fellow humans but also against human-piloted mechs. You get to pilot your own Titan, of course. In case you need to brush up or get familiar quickly with the game, you can head over to our titanic Titanfall review. If you do decide to give it a spin, do mind that while the clock only starts ticking when you start playing, the Titanfall offer will only be available this weekend.

SOURCE: Origin

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