EA completes SimCity server upgrades

After the disastrous launch of SimCity last week, Electronic Arts and Maxis moved quickly to try and get the game back up and running after servers crashed due to overwhelming demand. This led to download failures for many gamers, and some pre-orderers weren't even able to get access to the download at launch. However, EA has announced that they've finished upgrading to the newer and faster servers.

In a blog post, EA detailed some of the changes and upgrades they made throughout the week, including the completion of migrating all of their original servers to the new, faster and higher capacity servers. However, while the migration is complete, EA says that they'll continue to provide "ongoing optimizations" for the servers.

EA also launched a server status page, so that gamers could see the status of server operations from around the world. EA says these are updated live. The page will list whether a server is available for play, or if its full. Servers that are experiencing high volume will be marked with yellow. However, most of the servers are currently green at the moment, which means they're available.

Last but not least, EA released patch 1.5, which addresses "some trade intermittency issues."EA says this should make regional interaction more responsive, and the publisher is going to continue to improve the speed between cities within a region. The patch should also decrease the chance of losing progress on your city via a rollback.