EA backs down on crappy DRM for Mass Effect

I love the age we live in. It's a time when not only does everyone have a voice on the internet, but we can also be heard. In the old days if you were upset about something, you'd write a letter to someone important, or perhaps if you felt strongly enough you might start a protest. However, if a company decides to load down a new game with really crappy DRM, thousands of people start complaining about it online, and then something gets done about it.

Apparently EA has listened to our cries and given into our demands. They won't be shipping Mass Effect with the horrible DRM which was said to dial back to their servers every 10 days to make sure that you're still not a pirate.

Unfortunately there will still likely be some sort of DRM for the game, but I think we should happily take this victory. Rest assured though, the war on DRM is far from over.

[via CrunchGear]