Overactive DRM will likely cripple Mass Effect for PC

I'm not one of those people who denies that piracy is an issue. I fully understand that gaming studios lose a lot of money to pirates each year, which means money that could be going towards development is lost. However, there are times when it's just easier to play a pirated version of a game, rather than your perfectly legit copy. I have a feeling that Mass Effect for the PC is going to be one of those games.

If you're planning on playing Mass Effect on your PC, you'd better not have any issues with the software dialing to EA's home servers so it can check the validity of your key. Sure, it's not uncommon to have something like this in place when you first install the game, however, it seems a bit ridiculous for a game to check in every 10 days in order for you to play. For those wondering, this does include single player mode.

Some people will argue that it isn't a big deal to have their software checked this often, because they know that their software is legit. However, from past experience, DRM that is this tight almost always causes issues for legit owners. You can bet that once pirates get ahold of this, they'll be happily removing this annoying feature. This of course will make the illegal pirated version much more user-friendly. Personally, if I were to buy the game, I'd only do so to have a legal key. I would almost definitely find a good cracked version to actually install on my PC. What about you guys?

[via CrunchGear]