EA and Visceral Games announce voice control for Dead Space 3 on Xbox 360 with Kinect

Over the last several years, video games have been becoming more and more interactive with new and innovative controls. The Nintendo Wii spurred this change in video game controls when it introduced motion control to the gaming arsenal. When Microsoft unveiled the Kinect, game developers and publishers began adding even more motion controls and voice control as well.

EA has announced that it and Visceral Games will be adding new voice control features to the coming and highly anticipated video game Dead Space 3. If you don't own an Xbox 360, you won't be able to take advantage of the voice control aspects. Even if you do own an Xbox 360, you will need to have a Kinect to be able to enjoy voice controls.

The voice control functionality promises to make it easier for co-op partners to share health or ammo, find objectives, revive one another, and more. The game is set to launch on February 5, 2013. Some of the voice controls Xbox 360 gamers using the Kinect will be able to take advantage of include find partner, fire stasis, attacked enemy, and more.

While the voice controls will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 with Kinect, the standard version of the game will come to other platforms. The game will also be available on the PS3 and PC. Gamers in Europe will be able to purchase the title on February 8, 2013.