EA Access and Origin Access are making a major change

For a few years now, Electronic Arts has offered a subscription service that serves up perks like early trials of upcoming games and access to a collection of the company's older titles. EA's subscription services are available across a number of platforms, whether its Xbox One, PC, or PlayStation 4 (eventually, we'll be able to count Steam among the supported platforms as well). Today, EA announced that its subscription services will be getting a rebrand next week.

This is probably a smart move for EA too, because the naming conventions for its subscription services are different depending on which platform you're accessing them on. On console, EA's subscription service is called EA Access, but the equivalent subscription tier is called Origin Access Basic on PC. EA even offers a premium tier for PC users called Origin Access Premier.

In short, it can be confusing to someone who is new to the world of EA's subscriptions. Starting on August 18th, however, EA will rebrand EA Access and Origin Access Basic to EA Play, while Origin Access Premier will be called EA Play Pro.

If that branding seems familiar, that's because it's the name of the live showcase EA hosts every year at E3. To prevent making things even more confusing, EA will rename its E3 show to EA Play Live.

EA says that the content offered by these subscription services will stay mostly the same, which means subscribers will still get the same early trials, discounts, and EA Vault access they always have. Once this rebrand is complete, though, EA says it will begin offering more perks to subscribers like Ultimate Team Packs for FIFA and "early access challenges" (whatever those may be). We'll keep an ear to the ground for more on these extra perks for subscribers, but otherwise, look for EA Access and Origin Access to change their branding on August 18th.