E3 Teaser: Ninja Gaiden 3

Old school gamers are undoubtedly looking forward to the upcoming release of Ninja Gaiden 3 (also as Ninja Gaiden III or NG3). Not many details have been leaked about the game that many feel will most likely revitalize or bury the Ninja Gaiden franchise. It is set to be released for the PS3 and Xbox consoles. The only official news we have to go on right now is the newly released 30 second trailer. But for avid Ninja fans, a lot of info about the game is hidden in the clip. Read on to see if NG3 can live up to the hype:

Like many of the unveilings at E3, Ninja Gaiden 3 promises an action packed blood fest. The trailer is shot in first person view, not the view of the main character Ryu Hayabusa, but through the eyes of his victim. One thing we noticed right away was the Blade of the Archfiend that Ryu attained in Ninja Gaiden 2 after he conquered the Black Spider Clan. Ryu's eyes also appear to be glowing; perhaps the sword has granted some new abilities or powers.

This new power is also evident by the bulging veins seen just before the clip ends. The cause of this mutation isn't clear, but most likely a side effect of the new power obtained from the Blade of the Archfiend. New magics will most likely reshape the gameplay of NG3. The game is also supposed to have stages that tell some more back story of Ryu's early years, so some old school slice and dice is likely to be thrown in the mix. That should contrast nicely against whatever body destroying new powers Ryu has acquired.

Hopefully the Blade of the Archfiend can grant Team Ninja, the game's developer, the power to overcome the difficulties with camera and movement that added unnecessarily to the gameplay difficulty of other Ninja Gaiden installments. Overall, the game has a lot to live up to, and looks like it may be worth following. SlashGear will keep you up to date with the latest NG3 and other E3 news as it happens.

[via CVG]