E3 down to only 38 exhibitors

Chris Scott Barr - Jun 20, 2008

I remember as a teenage gamer having dreams of attending E3. Honestly for a gamer, it really didn’t get much bigger than that single event. Now I’m finally in a position to attend the show, and it’s only a shadow of its former self. It has been announced that only a whopping 38 companies will be showing off their wares this year.

To give you an idea, only two years ago at E3 2006 there were over 400 companies showing off the latest and greatest in the world of gaming. So what happened? Well the ESA decided that they no longer needed a “mega-show” and decided to “refocus”. At the rate things are going, the show will be completely dead in another year or so.

So where do we turn to now for our gaming con fix? Honestly, I can see more companies moving to PAX, which is hosted by the guys from Penny Arcade. Also Gen Con has started accepting video game companies to their exhibitor list as of last year in an effort to provide a home to wayward gaming companies.

[via MaxConsole]

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