E3 2011: EA Shows off Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, Need For Speed and more

More action is kicking off at E3 2011 as the EA event is about to get started. It looks like we are getting right into the good stuff with Mass Effect 3, then some Need for Speed, followed with what is surely to be the biggest game for them coming up, and that is Battlefield 3. This event is mainly focused on the games, and not things like Kinect. They are showing some great footage.

Gameplay footage of Mass Effect 3 sure looks incredible. With stunning graphics and detailed gameplay this looks to be the best Mass Effect yet. They have focused on adding more of those huge epic battle scenes we all love as well as strongly working to keep the story engaging and exciting at the same time. Good things to come. Mass Effect 3 launching March 6th 2012.

Next up was Need for Speed: The Run and this brings an entire new level of gameplay to the Need for Speed franchise. Looking a little Grand Theft Auto like they have added the ability to interact with others in the game. Exit vehicles and run from cops all while jumping from rooftops, to fighting off police and stealing their Police Cruisers. This is a new level and looks to be adding the best of both games into one. They said it best, " Need for Speed in the car and on foot in: The Run."

Interaction out of the vehicle will bring an entire new level of gameplay to the Need for Speed series and they are excited for you all to try it soon, or if you're lucky enough to be there it will be on demo all week.

Following Need for Speed EA brought out Star Wars the Old Republic, sadly we didn't get to see any actual gameplay footage but they did show a little video for everyone but we have a feeling it will be a little wait before this game gets more details or actual footage, they do plan to make it a large world to get lost in.

EA has a lot coming this year and next and they had a lot to cover. From Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Star Wars, FIFA Soccer (football), Madden 2012 and more. They even started the show out saying the weren't one for big lights and big names and they only had a few developers to show. Then they bring out three NFL players: Ray Lewis, Clay Mathews, and Peyton Hillis for some Madden 2012 talk but that is another story.

Battlefield 3, what will be one of the biggest multiplayer games of the year is said to be hitting stores starting October 25th with the multiplayer beta starting in September. More on that coming very soon.