E Ink Prism is the color-changing wall you've been wanting

When we thing electronic ink, we tend to think of black-and-white eReaders, meant to mimic books. In our haste, we've forgotten that ink is colorful, too. E Ink, a leader in electronic ink technology, is gently reminding us that ink can be beautiful, too. At CES, the company is unveiling Prism, a dynamic display that can be programmed to change colors, and utilizes unique materials. Though Prism is meant for architectural endeavors, we'd like to see it elsewhere, too.

The aim with Prism is to take us away from static paint and into morphing environments that can change on a whim, or be custom fit for an event or environment. Best of all, Prism takes on new finishes and reflectivity, so the matte eInk we're used to is no more.

Frank Ko, chairman of E Ink Holdings, says "Prism is the next step in E Ink's diversification initiative. E Ink electronic ink technology is unique in that it can be used in many applications outside of eReaders and other display products. Prism will transform architecture products to make them come alive. This is one of many applications where E Ink technology can disrupt a market, the same way it revolutionized the reading market."

As you can see in the pictures above, Prism currently relies on some color-changing shapes, but it's easy to see how that could change with time. The display is also very thrifty on the power consumption, only drawing power during a physical change, and doesn't need a power outlet to survive.