E-Ink has some new e-paper displays

There is a front-lit e-paper model that was made by Alps Electric which is a step in the right direction for those concerned with reading at night. There was also a rather large e-paper display that was somewhat flexible.

The larger e-paper model was measured at 9.7-inches and has a flexible TFT substrate. Furthermore, it had a respectable 1200x820 resolution to boast as well.

The front-lit model was a fair bit smaller, but showed a good amount of detail, and all though it might not be ready to replace books or newspapers, it did look like it was ready for use in other applications, namely a really awesome, and likely, really expensive name badge. Both models look pretty cool, and are evidence that the technology is still evolving and isn't at a standstill which is good to see.

E Ink shows off front-lit, flexible e-paper displays [via engadget]