e-detail Prezenter PSR dual-tablet presentation tool gets price-tag

Chris Davies - Jun 19, 2008

We weren’t expecting much in the way of a release from e-detail, despite them showing the Prezenter PSR dual-display Tablet PC at CES earlier on in the year.  The concept is that you have a large screen which faces your audience and a poseable 7-inch mini-touchscreen that flips down at the back to let you follow along with your notes.  Now, according to Crave Asia, e-detail claim to be going through trials with the Prezenter PSR, in line for an eventual US and European release.

e-detail Prezenter PSR

Grunt is via an AMD Geode LX800 coupled with 512MB of RAM.  There’s also an 80GB hard-drive, built-in 1.3-megapixel webcam and stereo speakers, kick-stand and WiFi b/g and gigabit ethernet connectivity.  The Prezenter PSR runs Windows XP Home, which is probably a good thing given the modest spec sheet, and e-detail claim 3.5hrs of use on a single charge.

It’s an interesting proposition – many people don’t realise how handy PowerPoint can be with a tablet interface, drawing and writing on the slides to illustrate what you’re saying – but they may have a hurdle with the price.  e-detail have set the MRSP at $1,800, seemingly making this an unjustifiable niche item for all but the very dedicated presenter.

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