Dyson Pure Cool Link is an air purifier with an air quality app

Dyson has added a new product to its catalog called the Pure Cool Link. The Link is a follow up to the Pure Cool air purifier that Dyson unveiled last year at this time. The Pure Cool Link is an app-connected air purifier that claims to be able to remove nearly 100% of ultrafine particles including pet hair, mold, and pollen from the air you breathe inside. The purifier has a 360-degree HEPA filter inside to filter the air.

The fan motor inside of the Pure Cool Link can also act as a normal fan during warm months. The new device sells for $500, the same price as the original Pure Cool, but adds an app Android and iOS users. The app promises to check indoor and outdoor air quality and can use that data to adjust the Link to perform optimally.

The air purifier has a nighttime auto mode that will dim its display and use settings that make the machine quieter to operate when you are sleeping. Dyson offers the Pure Cool Link in a tower model or a desktop model, each costing the same $500. The tower is aimed at larger rooms with the desk model for small spaces.

The filter inside the Link that actually cleans your air is the Dyson 360 Glass HEPA filter. The Link weighs 8.4 pounds and has a 6.6-foot cord attached and can produce 190L/s of airflow at the highest setting. A remote control is included to control the purifier from across the room. One thing that is unclear about the Link is if the HEPA filter has to be replaced and how much it will cost to replace it. HEPA filters typically need replaced as they stop up with use. Dyson's vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filters require filter replacement at a cost of around $15 per filter.