Dynamics Hidden Credit Card Features On the Spot Security

Credit card security is an important aspect of a lot of people's lives. Especially those that employ the usage of several cards, ranging from debit to credit, that utilize access to several banks. Forgetting where you left one card could mean the emptying of your bank account, and plenty of stress. But, Dynamics hopes that their brand new "hidden" credit card will help all of those worried about their card being stolen and used for the wrong purposes. Unfortunately, it doesn't cover all the bases.

The Hidden credit card is meant to work with today's credit card readers, so you won't need to hope that your local eatery gets upgraded in any way. The card itself is outfitted with a super-thin display, which literally hides six of the digits on your card with a random set. As the owner of the card, all you would need to do is input a code and then the digital display will showcase the correct numbers for your card's usage. You input that said code with the button above the number line.

If you leave the card alone for a time, the numbers on the digital display will reset, and showcase a random assortment of numbers again, protecting you from a stolen card as no one would be able to use the card by just swiping it. As for the magnetic strip on the back, it also gets wiped clean of any necessary data the moment the card "resets." Once you input that code again, the correct numbers appear, and the magnetic strip is populated with the correct data to make a purchase.

And, if you are someone who uses more than one bank, and more than one card, the Hidden credit card can actually be reprogrammed on the fly. Inputting a distinct and individual code in to the Hidden card will allow you to access one particular bank account, and then if you need to access money from another, you can just access it from one card, by inputting the correct code.

Unfortunately though, there's no way to protect your card in such an advanced way in one of the most dangerous places of all: online. There's no stopping someone from collecting your card information from that outlet, and then using the card as much as they want. So, while forgetting your card somewhere is a real worry for most, the Hidden card just doesn't cover all the bases.

[via PopSci]