Dying Light survival game delayed until 2015

Brittany A. Roston - May 13, 2014
Dying Light survival game delayed until 2015

Dying Light is a survival horror game that centers around the familiar-and-not-quite-tiresome-yet zombie apocalypse storyline, pitting players against the undead in an open world where darkness brings greater threats. The game is up for pre-order, but those who take the pre-release plunge are in for some disappointment.

The team behind the game has announced on its website that Dying Light’s release has been postponed until February 2015, a change that tacks a few extra months and the turn of a year onto the waiting duration.

The decision to bump the release date a few extra months wasn’t made without an element of consternation, it would seem. Innovation is the name behind the game, figuratively speaking, and the Natural Movement element in particular has been given a strong focus because of this — “[it] will change what you expect from the genre,” the team claims.

Releasing the game too early could result in lesser quality than possible, and postponing the release date provides needed time to avoid making compromises or producing subpar elements like Natural Movement. In the meantime, another announcement has been teased for E3 2014.

SOURCE: Dying Light

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