DViCO TViX-HD 6500 plays ripped Blu-ray discs

While HDTV recorders are not anything new, they do still catch our eye because they've yet to enter the mainstream when it comes to consumer electronics. However, DViCO has announced two new products that could change that. 


Pictured above is the TViX R-2230, which can play VOB and ISO files than have been ripped. It costs $399, by the way, though that's not the real focus here. The real focus is on the TViX-HD 6500. And though it's quite a bit more costly at $599, it certainly does pack in the features.

This device can play ripped Blu-ray discs. But the real kicker is it can play them back in HDMI. Other specs include S-Video and composite jacks, an HDMI 1.3 component, a USB port, multiple file format support, and an option DTV tuner. Unfortunately, a U.S. release is unlikely.

[via Engadget]