Duros 8-inch Rugged Tablet PC

James Allan Brady - Feb 22, 2008, 3:05 pm CDT

The specs on this tablet PC may not be much, but the fact that it can take a beating and keep on ticking is worth its weight in gold if that’s what you need at work. Its rated MIL STD 810F, which basically means it can withstand significant shock, water, dust, and even extreme temperatures and still work.

It has an 8.4-inch SVGA touchscreen LCD that is made to be sunlight viewable. It has an AMD Geode LX 800 processor or an Intel Celeron M 1GHz chip, your choice, up to 1GB of RAM, a 120GB HDD (nice!) or you can get a 64GB SSD and make this thing even more capable of taking a beating.

It has GPS, WiFi, EDGE, Bluetooth, GPRS, and UMTS all built in so you can access the net literally from just about anywhere. There are only two downsides, and chances are they really won’t matter if you need a tablet this capable and rugged, and those are the 1.7” thickness and the 4.8 pound weight. Sadly no pricing info, but they seem to be available now.

[via gadgetreview]

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