Duolingo to add Klingon language course

Duolingo is an excellent app for learning foreign languages, and though they're a bit slow when it comes to adding new languages (that's not a criticism, it's quite the undertaking), it is open about what it is working on, giving users who might be interested a heads-up. It has recently announced plans to add a new language, but it is different than its past announcements: this time around, Duolingo says it'll be adding a Klingon course, and it might prove to be the best way to learn the language to date.

The course will be designed for English users who want to learn Klingon. Says Duolingo, "The mastery of Klingon is extremely uncommon on Earth. Join the galactic elite and start learning this fascinating language." It won't be a simple undertaking, but the language has continued to draw in new learners

Klingon, of course, is a fictional language from the Star Trek world spoken by the Klingon species. It was created by Marc Okrand, and as pointed out by Duolingo, it is a very direct language that mixes in a sense of humor and revolves largely around "spacecraft, weaponry, and warfare". Plus there are "plenty of insults", which will appeal to some.

The question at this point is when the course will be available, and based on how long it has taken some Duolingo's other planned courses to become available, it could be a while. You can sign up for notifications from Duolingo, however, for alerts about when it finally becomes available.

SOURCE: Duolingo