Duolingo Test Center now live, ready to certify your tongue

Duolingo today announced their Test Center feature is going live. The app, available now for Android and the web (in September for iOS), will now let users take an administered language test right from their mobile device. There isn't a proctored test other than English right now, but Duolingo hopes to expand on that quickly.

The testing is currently free; great for those who need or want to have a certificate that they've got a good grasp on the English language. Duolingo says once their certification process becomes recognized n a broader scale, they'll start to charge users.

While not the legacy method for language certification we've come to know, it's likely a lot more attractive to consumers. Being able to walk into a job with a certification you know more than one language can be helpful. It also saves those interested in a certification the problem of finding a test site and time to take the test (considering travel time and such).

Duolingo knows the mobile-first approach can lead to some fraud, but they're not concerned. Having someone who looks like you take a test in your stead is nothing new, and Duolingo says they haveĀ a method for double-checking your performance. The tests are administered via video, and the proctor will take a second look at it when the testing is done to make sure things seem on the up-and-up. The video is also attached to your online certificate, so a prospective employer or school administrator can go back and view it if things seem amiss.

Via: TechCrunch