Dungeons & Dragons in Magic The Gathering card set 2021 and MTG in DnD 2016

Today the folks at Wizards of the Coast combined two of their biggest brands at long last. Or "at long last" if we're only counting proper sets of Magic cards. The card set is a real-deal official black-bordered Standard-legal set called Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. But wait, you might be saying, didn't the Magic: The Gathering universe cross over with Dungeons & Dragons before? The answer is yes, yes it did.

This new set, Magic: The Gathering: Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, might very well have the longest Magic card set title since the beginning of MTG. What's more, this set will replace "next year's Core set." This was confirmed by Mark Rosewater, head designer for Magic: The Gathering in his Tumblr blog. There will be NO Core set in the year 2021.

The new Dungeons & Dragons set "is coming out in the slot that cores sets normally fill," said Rosewater. "I can't speak to the future." This might mean we'll never see another Core set for Magic The Gathering ever again, or it might mean Dungeons & Dragons sets will come out every year, or every other year from this time on – we don't yet know!

Some fans are undecided about this situation, others are very excited. As one might expect, the reactions are ALL OVER the board with this one.

Some fans called upon memories of the original "Spellfire: Master the Magic" CCG created by TSR, Inc. in the year 1994. This card game's content existed within the Dungeons & Dragons universe, but didn't last nearly as long as the still-active Magic The Gathering. Magic The Gathering was first shown to the public on July 13, 1993 at the Origins Game Fair.

In any case, the two shall now join their houses – AGAIN. TO BE CLEAR, the realms have crossed over before! This is just the new beginning! Take a peek at the Dungeons & Dragons books / guides "Magic: The Gathering : Plane Shift: Zendikar" and "The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Zendikar." Both were released in the year 2016. This crossover's been in the making for years!

We'll see Magic: The Gathering: Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms released in the year 2021. If it follows the general schedule of Core set releases over the past half-decade, we'll probably see this D&D set released in around July, 2021.