Dungeon Defenders Updates to 4.0

Rue Liu - Feb 3, 2011
Dungeon Defenders Updates to 4.0

Trendy Entertainment’s popular Dungeon Defenders is getting an update but their 3.0 version was rejected by Apple last week. And since their Android version update was hinging on the release of their iOS version update being approved, they’ve decided to push everything back for a feature packed 4.0 update likely to surface next week.

They’ve been mum on the exact details but have mentioned a few of the changes on their company website including that the game will have new levels, game modes, and a new shopkeeper. Dungeon Defender fans speculate that pets may be available for purchase from the new shopkeeper via mana.

Right now there is one known new game mode called “Competitive Mode”, but nothing else beyond that.

[Via Android Community]

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