Duke Nukem Forever Gets Played At PAX East 2011

PAX East wrapped up this past weekend and many of the gaming industries big names were there like THQ and Rockstar. But there was also an old game that is ready to make its comeback. Duke Nukem Forever was on hand for all the fan boys out there to finally get some hands-on fun after 12 years of waiting.

Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) has changed hands from its 3D Realms roots to Gearbox and 2K games. The title has long been the butt of many jokes during its extremely long development process that started in 1997. The DNF booth at PAX East is classic Duke with velvet ropes and "Nukem Girls" there for some eye candy. Gamers waited hours just to play a few levels of the upcoming shooter, whose premise is pretty familiar for fans of the Duke Nukem franchise. Aliens have come to Earth to steal women and drink Duke's beer, so he has to stop them. The consensus opinion of those who've played is that DNF is right on track. There is the crude humor, crazy weapons, and irreverent attitude Duke is known for.

"Duke hearkens back to the older style of shooters with faster game-play with an extra sense of speed and action. Duke offers that classic fast paced shooter you remember from the past," said Adam Fletcher, marketing director of Gearbox. A release date is still not confirmed for the game but the little bit that gamers got at PAX East will keep them wanting more of the classic shooter action.

[via Wired]