DuckStation PS1 emulator now works on the Xbox Series X and S

Game emulators have been around for a long time and are typically designed to allow retro games no longer being made to be played on other platforms. One of the more popular emulators available today is DuckStation, and it emulates PS1 games on other platforms. The emulator is designed to give users playability, speed and be maintainable for the long term.

DuckStation has now been ported for operation on the current-generation Xbox Series X and S game consoles. When run on the Xbox consoles, DuckStation can harness the additional power of the consoles to upscale classic games by a factor of up to 16 times. The upscaling means significantly higher resolution than anyone who played the games on their original consoles will remember.

The video, which can be seen below, has turned up online, showing DuckStation running on the new Xbox console at native 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. When the emulator is run on the new Xbox consoles, players also have the option to enable True Color Rendering.

Enabling that feature turns off the dithering effect used for video games on the original PlayStation console. Users can also enable Texture Filtering, which smooths out textures on 3D objects when they are enlarged. Xbox gamers also have the ability to fix texture warping, which is something that commonly happens with original PlayStation games.

Users are warned that enabling some of those features will require significant processing power from the console. However, the processor power required doesn't seem to strain the Xbox Series S seen in the video above. It's worth noting that running original PlayStation games at 60 frames per second can cause problems for some titles. Thankfully, games can be run at their original frame rate.