Dubai reveals world's deepest swimming pool and it has a fake sunken city

If you've dreamed about diving into the ocean's depths and exploring an ancient sunken city, Dubai has something to offer you...except it doesn't involve the ocean. The metropolis is now home to the world's deepest swimming pool, one set in a faux sunken city full of 'old' relics and ruins (and at least one car) for visitors to explore.

The new destination is called Deep Dive Dubai and it will open its doors to the general public on July 28. The facility features a massively deep freshwater swimming pool containing 14 million liters of water, as well as 56 underwater cameras and a fully explorable sunken city. In case you're wondering, the facility says it uses a state-of-the-art water purification system to keep the pool clean.

The pool is open to beginners and experienced divers, though some activities require the participant to have a diver certification. In some places, the pool reaches a depth of just under 200ft, making it a record-breaking attraction. Visitors who prefer to watch can monitor the divers through large pool-facing windows and screens streaming video from the underwater cameras.

To put the massive size into perspective, the Deep Dive facility contains enough water to fill six Olympic-sized swimming pools. The facility points out the benefits of its pool compared to deep-sea diving, including that the water is a perfectly comfortable temperature and the "weather" is always perfect.

According to Deep Dive Dubai, visitors will require several dives to fully explore the swimming pool and its sunken city. The facility has professional divers who show visitors around and help them get started safely, after which point the company says visitors can explore the 'ruins' on their own. Though interested visitors can't yet book a session at the facility, they can sign up for notifications.