Dubai Police take delivery of hoverbike flying patrol vehicle

The police officers in Dubai have some of the coolest patrol cars in the entire world. Among the fleet of patrol cars is a Lamborghini Aventador and a Nissan GT-R. Those cars will make it hard for speeders in the country to get away from a ticket when speeding. Dubai is now taking delivery of a patrol vehicle that flies.

The vehicle is the Hoversurf hoverbike and it is capable of carrying a single rider and flying at up to 16-feet off the ground. The bike can reach 43 miles per hour. It has quadrotors to allow it to fly through the air and the video at the bottom of the story shows an officer testing the bike. The hoverbike vehicle is made in Russia and is able to stay in the air for 25 minutes.

The video shows the bike being extremely maneuverable and it has a camera on the side to give a view of the pursuit. The bike can also be flown remotely without a pilot aboard. The hoverbike can carry 47 stone, which is over 600 pounds. That seems like a lot of weight for such a small vehicle to carry.

The vehicle does have an integrated safety mechanism to prevent the pilot from exceeding the maximum speed and altitude restrictions. The Dubai police force says that the vehicle will allow the police to get to crime scenes that would be hard to get to with a car or motorcycle.

There is no indication of some key facts about the hoverbike. For instance, we have no idea how long it takes to recharge. The bike appears to be powered by electricity. It's also not exactly clear if that 47 stone weight capacity includes the rider, the hoverbike itself, and the battery packs or just the rider. Presumably, it can take 658 points aloft including the rider and the bike itself.

SOURCE: Dailymail