Dubai adds Lamborghini Aventador to patrol car roster

It's a lucky day for law enforcement personnel in Dubai, who might get the opportunity to issue some speeding tickets from behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Aventador, a vehicle that cost $550,000 and has been decked out with decidedly ugly police decals. Why add such an expensive vehicle to the patrol line? Reasons of because they can aside, it is said to be fast enough to deal with the high-speed drivers who travel Dubai's highways.

The Lamborghini Aventador is a 700 horsepower, 8,250rpm beast capable of speeds over 200mph, featuring a carbon fiber and aluminium frame and a 0 to 62mph speed of 2.9 seconds. Such power will be used to pull over drivers who speed on the highway, with police figures in Dubai showing that 15-percent of drivers there are ticketed for driving over 130mph.

Still, such an extravagant purchase cannot be merely for utilitarian purposes, something evidenced by a statement by Dubai's police force director that the Lamborghini displays the class of the city, illustrating the nature of the location with beautiful aesthetic appeal and the statement unspoken but immediately implied by such an expensive vehicle.

The Aventador has had some tweaks added for the patrol purposes, and sports a license plate with the number "8" on it. Other sports cars will allegedly be added to the police department's patrol line over time. Reactions to the news have been mixed, with many decrying it for various reasons ranging from cost to showboating, while others have praised the addition and a few have asked, tongue-in-cheek, to be arrested so they can go for a joy ride. You can check out the responses on Twitter via the hashtag #OnlyinDubai.

[via TIME]