Dual screen Android LG slider surfaces, possibly called Flip II

An interesting looking smartphone has surfaced in the UK at an event in London for Orange and Kineto Wireless. Apparently, the event was to show off the Kineto smart WiFi solution that is used in Orange signal boost tech. Kineto also offers the tech for T-Mobile in the US as well. The smartphone you see in the pics here is apparently going to be a US exclusive device and it looks very interesting. The thing that jumps out at you is that second screen in the middle of the slide out keyboard.

That secondary touchscreen has spots for eight shortcuts for apps and a couple extra spots for custom shortcuts. There is no word on the hardware details, but the person manning the booth at the event called the phone Flip II according to Pocket-lint. The publication does point out that the two halves of the phone were not that solid. The QWERTY keys are split on each side of the second screen in a layout for use by each thumb.

If that cool screen in the middle of the keyboard can do anything else remains to be seen. The hands on time was short and there is no mention of what the hardware innards of the phone so all we really know right now is a possible name, it runs Android, and is said to be a US exclusive. Any other details will have to be dug up later.

[via Android Community]