Dual-core VIA Nano mobile CPU shipping June 2010

Details of VIA's upcoming mobile processor lineup have emerged, courtesy of a leaked roadmap slide.  The document details not only the 65nm VIA Nano-E, which will begin mass production in June 2009, but a dual-core Nano built with a new (i.e. smaller) process technology and set to reach the market from around June 2010. 

The Nano-E increases on the C7-M's FSB from 800MHz to 1,333MHz, switches from 90nm to 65nm process technology, and offers both 32-bit and 64-bit operation.  It's also capable of handling parallel issue instructions and is backward compatible with previous-generation chipsets.  Customer sampling will begin in March 2009, with mass production three months later.

As for the dual-core Nano, little is known specifically.  VIA are estimating a sampling release of December 2009, with mass production six months after.  It will "leverage C7 and VIA Nano board designs and infrastructure" which, together with the change in process technology, means it's unlikely to be pin-for-pin compatible.