Dual-booting Android/iOS iPad and iPhone 4 one step closer [Video]

Chris Davies - Nov 12, 2010, 9:05am CST
Dual-booting Android/iOS iPad and iPhone 4 one step closer [Video]

Apple’s hardware is generally pretty well-admired; it’s the company’s attitude to software that rubs quite a few people the wrong way. Now, the prospect of dual-booting Android and iOS 4.x on the iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS is another step closer, with Hexxeh managing to get the OpeniBoot boot-loader tool running on the Apple slate.

Video demo after the cut

Until now, OpeniBoot has been limited to the first-gen iPhone and iPod touch, and the iPhone 3G. It allows unsigned code to be loaded on a device, such as an Android ROM, with a simple graphical switcher to flick between iOS and Android.

So far there’s no public release to try yourself, but the video below shows that OpeniBoot certainly runs on the iPad (you can see it booting into iOS just prior to the stage in the screenshot above) so it seems we’re almost there. This probably won’t be entirely worthwhile on the iPad until Google’s tablet-centric work on Honeycomb is released, but we certainly won’t argue with having it ready before then.

[via Android Community]

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