DTV: Just switch off analog already, says Sony

It feels like the analog to digital TV switchover has been talked about for decades, and it's not just gearheads and consumers who are tired of it.  Over at the Sony Electronics blog, they're joining the clamoring crowds calling for the government to avoid putting off the inevitable any further, recognize that the millions of people who've used the $40 converter box coupons are the majority of those who actually need to, and get on with the switch.

"These are the folks who will need to get a converter box and certainly should take advantage of the government's coupon program.  And as I said earlier, millions have done so. However, upwards of 30-40 percent have not redeemed them yet at their local retailer. It makes me wonder if people who asked for the coupons early on really did not need them in the first place. Meanwhile, there now is a shortage of available coupons. But, like money, I'm sure the government can print more" Sony Electronics Blog

It's tough to think of a legitimate reason for delaying.  The switch has been well publicised, so those not yet with the suitable equipment can't really complain that they haven't had fair warning.  Plus converter boxes are widely available, so getting up to speed shouldn't be too arduous an issue.  In fact, given the financial incentive of selling off the analog licences, I'm surprised the government hasn't been pushing this through as hard as it can.

That leads to my question; I realize that many SlashGear readers will be using either digital-capable TVs, HDTVs or have cable or satellite subscriptions, but how many are also relying on traditional analog TV sets too?  How many people know of friends or relatives who would be actually impacted by the switchover?  Let me know in the comments.