DSLR Movie Mode patent allows video capture on your high end camera

Mr. Terada is apparently a genius, and of all the things he likely could have done with his mind, he chose to bring us all video capture capabilities on our DSLR cameras. In case you don't know, DSLR's are the high end digital cameras that everyone and their brother is carrying around these days, other than the fact that they have changeable lenses, most people that have them after this past Christmas season probably have no clue why they have them.

Regardless, due to the way in which DSLR cameras work, its been nearly impossible to offer a video capture mode without sacrificing one or more of the important features that make a DSLR worth the extra money. Until Mr. Terada came along that is, now, however, it seems a video capture mode for DSLR's is within our grasp.

I am not entirely sure how it works, but I know what some of the boundaries to accomplishing this task are, namely the narrow focus tolerance, swiftly increasing AF speeds, field-of-view changes, and the phase-difference AF evaluation. With the Live-View feature that is slowly popping up in DSLR lines across the board, they weren't far from coming up with their own solution, but it seems Mr. Terada has one that will work.