DS2 to demo 400Mbps Power Line Ethernet

Here's a little lesson on what power line Ethernet is real quick, basically your standard electrical outlets throughout your house can be converted to Ethernet jacks, with data transmission going through your power lines, all by just simply plugging in the necessary hardware. There are several things that have impeded the data transmission speeds of power line Ethernet, all of which have combined to keep speeds for these networks in general down to the 10-15Mbps range.

Apparently DS2, a Spanish company, plans to change that, with a 400Mbps speed which is double the previous top speed. They are claiming that with their technology, you would be able to stream up to 3 HD signals and 2 SD signals throughout your house, they just need to get the cable companies to realize they've been going about TV signals the wrong way and they'd be in business.

The biggest problem with these networks is the fact that they transmit over your power lines, which makes them about as unreliable as the ONN. Those previous top speeds of 200Mbps, yeah, in a real application they averaged closer to 40-50Mbps actual throughput, so, don't get your hopes up.

Developer to demo 400Mbps powerline Ethernet [via reghardware]