DS Opera Browser Demoed

Just in case you've had the urge to do some web browsing on your Nintendo DS/DS Lite's tiny, tiny screens, then you might be in luck (at least, if you have access to Japan). Dubbed the Nintendo DS Browser (how original), the browser will come on a DS or DS Lite memory expansion cartridge (which fits into Slot 2, the GBA port) and makes full use of the DS's touch screen, as you can see in the above video.The browser is based on Opera for Devices, an special version of the popular Opera software designed for small, handheld devices such as smartphones; as such, you'll be able to experience the fast, accurate browsing we've come to expect from Opera. The full webpage will be displayed on the touch screen, while users will be able to move a viewing window with their stylus to zoom in on a specific part of the site. Unfortunately, the browser itself will be unable to render Flash videos, PDF files, or multimedia, but it will support handwriting recognition for web address and site input. No US launch details have been announced; Japan is scheduled to get this add-on on July 24th, while Europe will get it on October 10th, so get your import orders in now.[via YouTube. Additional information from Wikipedia]