DS Lites Can’t Handle the Pressure?

Benjamin Nied - Jul 18, 2006

Well, with all the good press that Nintendo and the DS Lite have enjoyed thus far, some bad news was going to arrive eventually. Reports are coming in from all over the Internet that the new handhelds have some difficulty withstanding the pressures of opening and closing; specifically, a small crack appears on the left-hand side of the hinge, starting off as a small crack and gradually getting larger as the device is used more.

The problem affects DS Lites of all colors and countries of origin, as problems have been reported with both American and Japanese versions of the handheld. Right now, popular opinion seems to feel that this is an inherent design flaw with the device, though Nintendo has no official stance one way or the other at this time. Super glue is reportedly a quick way to fix the issue, but many DS owners are going to be peeved that their new device is showing a rather glaring problem. For now, if your DS Lite is showing problems, you might want to take it in and have it serviced before the problem becomes too great.

[via Megagames]

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