DS Lite Screen Passes Impromptu Stress Test

Just in case you're concerned about your Nintendo DS Lite's screen being on the fragile side (especially after today's story about the hinges on the new handhelds breaking), these guys have decided to show you just how durable these little gaming devices are. Taking the liberty of using a store's display unit (they didn't specify which store, probably to save their asses from getting sued), the stress testers proceeded to press on the screen with both thumbs, trying to see how far the device would go before snapping.The screen did flex a bit, and they managed to get the console to reset twice (though one just looked like a game reset rather than a full-blown console reset), the screen refused to break. After trying for about a minute, our two geniuses decided to stop before someone in the store caught them destroying things that didn't belong to them. Still, it's something Nintendo should push as positive press for the new DS Lite; if these guys couldn't break it, it's unlikely that anything short of a rock or high fall is going to do any damage either.[via Gizmodo]