DS Lite discontinued according to GameStop memo

The Nintendo 3DS is doing pretty good on the market right now with impressive sales and the DSi systems are too. That means that Nintendo would be thinking about its older hardware and possibly discontinuing it since it would want to funnel users to the new 3DS. A memo has surfaced from GameStop that claims that the DS Lite game consoles have now been discontinued. That means that once the DS Lite consoles are gone from stock around the country they will not come back.

Presumably, it would also mean that all other retailers of the DS Lite will also be discontinuing the console as well. The memo tells store workers to remove all marketing material and displays from the store after it sells the last DS Lite game console. It is interesting to note that the memo says nothing about the DSi and DSi XL. That would mean only the first generation DS is going away.

This isn't really a surprise; the DS Lite had to be discontinued at some point. The leaked memo also offers up a few other store tidbits. Should you get the hankering for a new game this weekend, GameStop stores will be open normal hours. You can also now reserve a couple new games that will ship before too long. Farewell DS Lite, we knew ye well.

[via Gonintendo]