Dryft Virtual Keyboard Wants To Be Swype For Tablets

If you're familiar with the Swype keyboard for smartphones and prefer that virtual keyboard to the one that came with your device, and you also use a tablet you might interested in Dryft. The original co-founder of Swype and its inventor, Randy Marsden, has unveiled his latest invention aiming to change tablet typing just as he did with smartphone typing using Swype.

The new virtual tablet keyboard is called Dryft and the keyboard has been unveiled recently. Most people who type on a tablet for any length of time know that standard on-screen keyboard leaves a lot to be desired. Dryft has been patented and uses touch sensors in the tablet and the accelerometer to tell the difference between a user resting and the user when they're typing.

The developers say that the dual sensor approach to typing on the tablet allows users to type more quickly and more naturally. The layout of the keyboard also arranges the keys around the user's fingers. The developers say that arrangement of keys eliminates the need to feel the keys to type without looking. Currently Dryft is in beta development and Marsden and partner Rob Chaplinsky are seeking OEM customers, developers, and investors.

The coolest part of this keyboard is that it appears wherever the user rests their hands. The home row keys automatically form around the user's fingers making for a natural typing position no matter where the fingers are placed.

SOURCE: MarketWatch