Dry-All Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit might save your phone

I've never had a problem with getting my mobile phone or other gadgets wet. I have spilled a Dr. Pepper on my keyboard before and had to dry the thing out and my son once spilled a whole can of root beer on a GPS device I was testing.

That GPS device didn't survive the root beer incident unfortunately. If I had something like the Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit, I might have been able to save that GPS unit. The kit has some sort of beads inside that absorb liquids and dry out your device.

The bag measures 6" x 10" and has a zipper at the top and can be reused. All you have to do is take your wet cell phone, drop it into the bag, and wait for it to dry out. The kit works with any gadget that will fit in the bag and promises to work on all sorts of liquids. The kit costs $9.99 per bag and is available now.